The Internship Service Missionaries live in their cities and are there to help BYU-I students and alumni to get connected with employers and internship providers. Please reach out to them by finding their contact info on their pages. They are waiting to hear from you.


Royal Kennard

Boise, Idaho

Holly Waite

Dallas, Texas

No Current Missionaries

Denver, Colorado

Dan Quillen

Phoenix, Arizona

Terry and Brenda Gillett

Phoenix, Arizona

(Housing Only)

Merrilee Kupfer

Los Angeles, CA

Todd and Melodie Morgan

Elder Worthen

Las Vegas, NV

Robert Worthen

Northern, California

Joyce Curry

Image not available

Orange County, CA

No Current Missionaries

Portland, Oregon

Lloyd & Annette Bell

Salt Lake Utah 

Dave & Crista Abbott

Seattle, WA

Jamey & Cynthia Johnson

John and Linda Mason

Washington D.C

John and Linda Mason