Career Center Offers Remote and Digital Services

The Career Center has several remote options available to help you stay job-market ready and help you be ready to obtain mentors, internships, and jobs. The following services are available to all BYU-Idaho students:

  1. Upload your resume on  VMock to get instant feedback and tips for improvement. Create a powerful resume at any time of the day.
  2. Schedule a career preparation appointment through Handshake. All appointments will be offered in person and remotely through Zoom. If you schedule through Zoom your career success mentor will send you a Zoom link to your BYU-I email on the day of your appointment, and it is as easy as clicking the link at the start of your appointment.
  3. Attend the regularly scheduled career workshops in person or through Zoom.
  4. BYUI Connect allows you to reach out and connect with BYU-Idaho alumni mentors across many industries and receive counsel, guidance, and tips on how to prepare yourself for the job market.  

For questions about the services offered, please call 208-496-9801 or email

Create a Powerful Resume with VMock

  1. Create your account and upload resume
  2. Get resume score and feedback within seconds
  3. Edit and enhance using the feedback
  4. Re-upload resume to see your score improve
  5. Use the recent feedback for further enhancement