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Student Career Preparation Resources for Faculty

Direct students to Career Center services to prepare them for their future careers.
Request an In-Class Presentation from the Job Market Readiness Team
To schedule a presentation, email Sheila Wener at

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Appointments Offered to Students

The Career Center has several appointment options available to help your students be job-market and internship ready.
Activity 1 Exploring Employers
For help exploring potential employers and connecting with them using LinkedIn, BYU-I Connect, and the Alumni Directory.
Activity 2 Informational Interview
For help conducting informational interviews with alumni and professionals.
Activity 3 Proximity to Employers
For help managing your network and learning how to be where the employers are online.
Activity 4 Evaluating Progress
Learn how the Career Center resources can help you evaluate your progress, so you meet your career goals.
Come to the Career Center and get a professional photo for your digital networking profiles.

Events and Workshops for Students

Have your students attend Career Center events and workshops to prepare for careers and open them up to career and internship opportunities.
The Career Center offers Career Workshop videos to help your students achieve their career goals.
During the Career Fair, employers and graduate schools will be on campus to recruit students for open positions and programs. Students should attend the Career Fair when they are preparing to or already applying for internships or jobs.
Information Sessions are held to share with students information about the companies, benefits, and job opportunities.