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Alumni Highlights

Inspiring stories behind BYU-Idaho alumni who champion the Spirit of Ricks at home, in the workplace, and daily life.

Alumni Profiles: Doug & Stephanie Barclay

Doug and Stephanie Barclay share how their experiences at BYU-Idaho guided their success in their professional careers.

BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Doug & Stephanie Barclay

Alumni Profiles: Stuart Draper

A chance entrepreneurial experience at BYU-Idaho sparked a new, successful marketing career for Stuart Draper.

BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Stuart Draper

Alumni Profiles: Amy Antonelli

Ricks College graduate Amy Antonelli helps change the lives of children and families in India whose lives are disrupted by leprosy.

BYU Idaho Alumni Profile: Amy Antonelli

Alumni Profiles: Claire Tanner

Graphic designer Claire Tanner shares how a graphic design class at BYU-Idaho shaped her college experience and professional career.

BYU-Idaho Alumni Profiles: Claire Tanner

Alumni Profiles: Josh & Amanda Sherwood

Faith-building experiences at BYU-Idaho helped Josh and Amanda Sherwood as they raise their family, travel, and endure trials.

BYU-Idaho Alumni Profile: Josh & Amanda Sherwood

Alumni Profiles: Andrea Bradley

Moving to Mexico proved a culture shock for Andrea Bradley, but her BYU-Idaho experience helped her love the people and flourish in her career.

BYU-Idaho Alumni Profiles: Andrea Bradley