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John Taylor Building

The iconic John Taylor Building houses religion, philosophy, and humanities classes. It combines academia and spirituality in an aesthetic atmosphere.
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"Learn by Study and by Faith"

The Taylor Building was named after the 3rd President of the Church, whom Joseph Smith referred to as the “Defender of the Faith.” He moved west with the Saints, arriving in the Salt Lake Valley in the fall of 1847. He was again active in civic affairs, serving in the territorial legislature, as a judge, and as territorial superintendent of schools.
Taylor Chapel
Academic And Religious Gatherings
The Taylor Chapel seats over 400 and is used for both academic and religious gatherings. Students come together to participate in lectures and discussions.
Taylor Buidling on a spring day
A Spiritual-Based Education
Religion classes are a core part of a BYU-Idaho education as English, math, or science. The Taylor Building is a focal point for many campus students. Its unique architecture draws all eyes and thoughts heavenward.
Taylor Bldg East lobby filled with morning light.
A Place Of Peace
The Taylor Chapel is used by students to quietly ponder, pray, and study. For many students, it offers some peace and clarity between classes.
Did You Know?
The ‘Rogers Pipe Electronic Combination’ organ was custom built for the Taylor Chapel. It has nine ranks of authentic pipe and 50 electronic voices. It is one of nine organs on campus.
Taylor Building

Did You Know?
The Taylor Chapel is lined with religious art work generously donated to the college by a student from California.