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Gordon B. Hinckley Building

The Gordon B. Hinckley Building is home to BYU-Idaho’s department of teacher education and Institute of Religion.
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A Place To Feel The Spirit

This building was named after Gordon B. Hinckley, the 15th President of the Church. His portrait is featured at the main entrance and appropriately honors the leader of the Church who declared the announcement in June 2000 that Ricks College would become a four-year institution and be known as Brigham Young University–Idaho.
Hinckly Building Chapel
Spiritual & Social Activities
Located at the highest point on campus, the Hinckley Building has many classrooms for teacher education and religion classes. The building includes a gymnasium and chapels for university student church services.
The Boy Joseph Statue in the Hinckley Building.
Quiet Study and Peaceful Surroundings
The Hinckley Building has large windows that overlook beautiful gardens. Many students spend time studying and pondering here.
Unveiling of the painting of President Hinckley
A Tribute to Prophets
When they hung the painting of President Hinckley for the dedication of the building, the paint was not completely dry yet. After the dedication was over the Artist, Leon Parson, came back to add some final touches while the painting still hung on the wall. Parson didn’t know which tie he should use in the painting so he went out and bought one of his choice and gave it to the prophet as a gift when the building was dedicated.
Did You Know?

A portrait of Gordon B. Hinckley is featured at the main entrance of the building. It honors the church leader who in June 2000 announced that Ricks College would become BYU-Idaho.
"The Hinckley Building is one of my favorite buildings to study in. There are large windows that allow a lot of natural light and they overlook Ricks Gardens. I find that I’m able to really focus while studying there."
"I took a special education class as part of my major in the Hinckley Building. One day we had to walk all around the building wearing blindfolds and use a white cane to help us gain a better understanding of being someone without vision. This experience gave me a whole new perspective on my future career as a teacher of children with disabilities."
Did You Know?

The Hinckley Building has similar architecture to the University of Utah institute building in Salt Lake City, Utah. Institute classes are held in the Hinckley Building on weeknights all year long.
President Hinckley and others walk in the gym

Gordon B. Hinckley Building

  • Elementary Education Settings
  • Chapels
  • Gymnasium
  • Institute Classes