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BYU-Idaho Center

The BYU-Idaho Center is a spectacular gathering place for spiritual and physical activity. Weekly devotionals and other events are held in the expansive auditorium. The building also features 10 full-size playing courts and an indoor running track.
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Gather, Connect, and Celebrate: Experience the Heartbeat of Campus

Designed to accommodate a variety of events, the BYU-Idaho Center is a versatile space that hosts academic conferences, devotionals, sport events, concerts, and more. The BYU-Idaho Center's strategic location on campus makes it easily accessible and serves as a central meeting point for students, faculty, and staff.
Students assemble in the auditorium each week to hear uplifting messages from campus leaders and visitors. Join roommates, classmates, and teachers for an edifying experience.
Student working on schoolwork in the I-Center
Find Peace And Inspiration
The BYU-Idaho Center offers a comfortable, quiet place to study and feel close to the Spirit. Breathtaking artwork and statues line the halls to lift and inspire.
BYU-Idaho Activities hosts a recreational co-ed volleyball game in the BYU-I Center Courts.
Stay Physically Active
The BYU-Idaho Center houses a 10-court multi-use gym and second-story running track.
The four-lane running track is ideal for jogging or walking before class. Intramural teams are available, such as futsal, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Sports equipment is available at the adjacent John W. Hart Building. Attend student events and activities like I-Night and career fairs.
Did You Know?
The BYU-Idaho Center auditorium seats up to 15,000 people.
"In the I-Center, I solidified my testimony of the gospel. I attended a devotional from one of our faculty members, and the Spirit was so strong during the talk that I really felt my Heavenly Father’s love for me. I knew that I was in the exact spot I should be in at that moment."
"My husband and I love going to the I-Center to play basketball, volleyball and to run. It’s a great place to stay active."
Did You Know?
The BYU-Idaho Center roof spans four acres.
"I love coming to the I-Center between classes to sit in a quiet place to study, ponder, and reflect. I have my private little spot on the third floor that has a great view and allows me to find the peace I’m looking for."
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