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John L. Clarke Building

Experience nursing, home and family, culinary arts, and more at the John L. Clarke Building.
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Stimulation, Learning, And Play

John L. Clarke, president of Ricks College from 1944-1971, led the institution through an unprecedented 27-year period of expansion in enrollment and campus facilities. He stated that the institution was “founded upon the firm belief there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people."
Drone aerials of BYU-Idaho campus on a beautiful spring morning.
Learn Vital Skills that Shape Our World
The Clarke Building houses nursing, home and family, early childhood development, culinary arts, fashion design, and human performance and recreation studies.
BYU-Idaho Child Labs mission is to provide opportunities for students to promote the physical, social, and cognitive development of children, and work in partnership with families.
A Place of Stimulation and Learning
The Clarke Building houses a daycare for early childhood education students to hone their teaching skills and offer stimulated learning and play for children.
Nursing Class lab- Physical Assessment Clinical
An Onsite Hospital Lab
The Clarke Building operates a nursing simulation lab set up as a functioning hospital where nursing students participate in clinical study and practice. The lab can be used as a hospital in case of emergencies.
Did You Know?

The Clarke Building has many labs for teaching practical skills like sewing, cooking, and music. A fashion show is put on each semester to showcase student's work.
"I’ve taken a lot of elective classes in the Clarke Building, where I’ve made a lot of friends. Many of the projects I’ve worked on have helped me develop skills (like cooking and sewing) that I’ll use for the rest of my life."
"When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to study, I was in the Clarke Building and passed by the Early Childhood Lab. It dawned on me that I loved being around children and wanted to work with them. I changed my major to early childhood education and loved the experience."
Did You Know?

In 1979, a design laboratory was built in the Clarke Building to simulate a home where students could practice interior design.
Nursing Class lab- Physical Assessment Clinical

John L. Clarke Building Features

  • Clinical Simulation Lab
  • Culinary Labs
  • Interior Design Lab
  • Preschool and Toddler Labs
  • Sewing Labs
  • Textile Labs