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Science & Technology Building

The Science & Technology Center explores animal, food, and plant science, computer information technology, and computer electrical engineering.
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BYU-Idaho’s Most Energy-Efficient Building

Students study in the Science & Technology Center.
Science and Technology Together
The Science & Technology Building houses four departments: Animal & Food Science, Applied Plant Science, Computer Information Technology, and Computer Science & Electrical Engineering.
Computer Science study groups in the new Science and Technology Center.
A Cybersecurity Community
Explore the world of design, development, and management of cyber systems to solve real-world problems. The Science & Technology Center has computer labs built for those who love new technology.
Animal Science majors listen and learn in the classroom.
BYU-Idaho’s Learning Model in Action
BYU-Idaho’s Learning Model inspired the design of the Science & Technology Center. The building encourages students to become an active part of their own learning through a superior, hands-on educational experience.
Did You Know?
The Science & Technology Center has a computer help center, food processing labs, food analysis labs, and a meat and dairy lab.
"Whenever I come here, I’m a little more focused. It’s really good to know that we’re still being taken care of and watched over like this."
"The Science & Technology Center is by far my favorite building. The Food Science labs are so cool and the students are regularly handing out their food creations. My favorite place to study!"
Did You Know?
The Science & Technology Center has 1,096 exterior glass panels and 26 skylights. The abundance of natural light makes it the most energy-efficient building.
The Science & Technology Center at sunset.

Science & Technology Center Features

  • 23 Classrooms
  • 9 Telecommunication Rooms
  • 5 Student Study Rooms
  • Computer Help Center
  • Food Processing Lab
  • Meat and Dairy Lab
  • Sensory Lab