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Mark Austin Building

Automotive, engineering, industrial arts, construction management, welding and metallurgy are all are part of the Mark Austin Building.
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Fabricating the Future

The Austin Building was named for a well-known philanthropist and humanitarian who helped establish sugar factories in the western United States and Canada, Mark Austin also served as chairman of the board of Ricks Academy.
Electrical Engineering student Jared Garey.
Design & Construct Our World
The Austin Building houses shops and classrooms for students interested in technical education. Learn more about automotive, engineering, industrial fabrication, construction management, electronics, drafting, and more.
Instructor Clay Rasmussen demonstrates the art of welding.
Cool Things Happen at the Austin Building
The building is used by Agricultural and technical education departments, including: Automotive, Electronics, Welding/Metallurgy, Drafting, Machine Shop, Industrial Arts, and Construction.
Engineering students work on final projects in the new Maker Lab in the Austin building.
A Place of Creativity
The Austin Building includes two maker labs. Trained students can access hand and power tools, plasma cutters, an ironworker and shear press, and more. Computer labs offer SolidWorks and other CAD programs. Automotive technology students have work space to make car repairs.
Did You Know?
The Austin Building was named for a well-known philanthropist and humanitarian.
"There are always cool things happening in the Austin Building, from the cement canoe that floats, to the welding and automotive labs. This is a building where something is always being fabricated, and the creativity level is very high."
"I can remember taking prospective students on a tour of the Austin Building and a faculty member came out of his office to show the students the various student labs. I came away impressed to know how much state-of-the-art equipment is in this building that allows students to get the experience they need."
Did You Know?
The automotive department has competed in several Supermileage competitions. Student team members design and build a car to get as many miles per gallon as possible.
Boy inflight statue in front of the Mark Austin Buiding.

Mark Austin Building Features

• Automotive Repair Shops
• Computer Labs
• Machine Shops
• Maker Labs
• Large Work Stations and Tables