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Ezra Taft Benson Building

The Ezra Taft Benson Building houses life science departments, including biology, applied plant science, agriculture, and horticulture.
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The Science Behind Our Living World

Named for the thirteenth president of the Church, who also served as the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Horticulture department maintains five greenhouses for experimentation and decoration in buildings and on the grounds of campus. A cadaver lab is also available for the Anatomy & Physiology classes. Ground was broken Sept. 27, 1977 by Jeffrey R Holland, Church commissioner of education.
Pictures inside the Benson greenhouse before the Spring Semester begins.
A Quiet Paradise
The jungle greenhouse is lush with vegetation and a popular study spot—complete with patio furniture and a koi pond.
Wildlife Exhibit in the Benson Building
Wildlife Museum
The Benson Building features a wildlife museum with many animals native to North America and a special collection from Africa.
Benson Greenhouse: Pictures inside the greenhouse before the Spring Semester begins.
Fascinating Flora & Greenery
The Benson Building has five greenhouses to decorate buildings and campus ground and for experimentation. The greenhouses have a great floral selection, bloom room, and plant shop. Many students take home a plant of their own.
Did You Know?
The Benson Building has a cadaver lab for hands-on study of human anatomy.
"The Benson Building is my favorite building. My very first college class, Anatomy and Physiology, was in that building. The class changed my life. I never understood the potential and opportunities that were in store for me as a biology major until I took that class."
"I took my temple preparation Sunday School class in the Benson Building. While the class took place in the zoology classroom, we were still able to feel the Spirit and gain a better understanding of the temple."
Did You Know?
The hydroponic greenhouse grows tomato plants without soil. This allows tomatoes to grow organically and faster.
Fall colors outside the Benson Building.

Benson's Points of Interest

  • Anatomy Labs
  • Botany Labs
  • Camus Greenhouse
  • Flower Shop
  • Jungle Greenhouse
  • Wildlife Museum