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George S. Romney Building

The George S. Romney Science Building is home to chemistry, physics, geology, and other physical sciences.
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The George S. Romney Building

Housing various physical science classes, the Natural Science Museum of BYU-Idaho in the Romney building has various rock and fossil collections including a life-time arrowhead collection, and a seismology center to measure earthquakes from around the world.
Dinosaur fossils found in the museum in the Romney Building.
Exceptional Rock and Mineral Collections
The Romney Building includes an extraordinary collection of minerals, rocks, and fossils. The Keith and Mauna Proctor Collection showcases many minerals of exquisite beauty.
BYU-Idaho's Physics Department installed a new 4K projecter in the Planetarium in the Romney Building.
Space Brought to You
The Romney Building contains an observatory and planetarium show. The observatory is open to all at no cost. The planetarium offers several different shows for a small fee.
There is a variety of rocks on display in the museum in the Romney.
Delve Into Earth's Prolific Past
The Romney Building houses the Natural Science Museum of BYU-Idaho, which includes a variety of rock and fossil collections, an arrowhead collection, and a seismology center that measures earthquakes from around the world.
Did you know?
A portrait of George S. Romney, painted by renowned artist Del Parson, is found in the lobby of the Romney Building.
"I love taking families on campus tours, particularly in the Romney Building. The geology museum, dinosaur fossils, and planetarium always get people excited about the number of cool things available here."
"I’ve loved taking classes in the Romney Building. I can remember sitting in there studying for a chemistry class with a friend. Our professor was walking by and saw us studying for his class and came over for quite some time to help us understand the things we were studying."
Did You Know?
A scale model of a Nanotyrannus is located in the Romney Building.

Romney Building

George S. Romney Building Features

  • Chemistry Lab
  • Natural Science Museum
  • Observatory
  • Planetarium