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Thomas E. Ricks Building

The Thomas E. Ricks Building houses history, psychology, political science, geography, sociology, social work, and mathematics departments.
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Connect With History And Our Modern World

This building was named after the founder of this school. The school was named Bannock Stake Academy until Ricks’ death in 1902 when it was renamed Ricks Academy. This building was created with the help of faculty. The architect wanted input to make sure the building served faculty and students in the most efficient manner. (i.e. no big windows in classrooms so students wouldn’t daydream in class, natural-lighted open commons area for students, etc.)
Back of Ricks building where Rexburg Temple can be seen.
A Fitting Memorial to Our Founder
The Ricks Building is named after BYU-Idaho’s founder, Thomas E. Ricks, who responded to Brigham Young’s call to rescue stranded pioneers at Martin’s Cove, Wyoming, during a harsh 1856 winter. The institution was originally named Bannock Stake Academy until Ricks’ death in 1902. It was afterwards renamed Ricks Academy.
Student Michelle Crosby, ( reading/studying in the Ricks Garden
An Aesthetic Garden with a Purpose
The Ricks Building is framed by the beautiful Thomas E. Ricks Horticulture Gardens. The 10-acre park features verdant lawns, waterfalls and ponds, a picnic pavilion, a gazebo, and many flowers and plants native to the area.
Students studying on campus during a sunny winter day at the start of winter semester.
Study with a Garden View
A student-run café called Garden View Café is located in the Ricks Building where students frequent between classes.
"In addition to having my classes in the Ricks Building, my campus ward meets there. Not only has my testimony been able to grow through my church meetings, but I’ve been able to feel the Spirit in many of my classes as my teachers have incorporated the gospel into the things I’m studying."
Did You Know?

The Ricks Building architect sought input from faculty to make sure the building best served the faculty and students. This resulted in large windows for the common areas that flood the building with natural light.
"There are so many great study areas in the Ricks Building. There are large windows that bring in so much light. There is even enough space to work on group projects. I love spending my time in the Ricks because I can feel a close connection with the outdoors."
Students enjoy the tranquility of the Ricks Horticulture Gardens.

Thomas E. Ricks Building

  • 3 Lecture Halls
  • Garden View Cafe
  • Large Study area with floor to ceiling windows
  • Views of the Ricks Gardens