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Jacob Spori Building

Explore the world of visual art, graphic design, and communication in the beautiful Jacob Spori Building.
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Creativity And Inspiration

Named for the school's first principal, from 1888–1891, Principal Spori was a highly educated man who had degrees in "mathematics, arts and music, and metallurgy. He worked hard, unselfishly, and almost single-handedly to see that the school remained open through the first difficult years. He had set the example of selfless service, which became a characteristic of principals of the fledgling academy.
Beautiful spring flower trees in front of the Spori.
A Historic Symbol of the BYU-Idaho Spirit
The original Spori building accommodated all of Ricks College in 1903. It was reconstructed in 2003 to look like the original building. It is named after the institution’s first principal, Jacob Spori, who championed the school’s early growth.
Spori Gallery shows Darren Clark photography works. The theme of Habitat and Refuge.
Enjoy Art Every Day
The Spori Art Gallery displays several art exhibits featuring multiple styles and media from local and outside artists. All are welcome to explore the gallery’s changing art exhibits.
Old Spori facade
A Fire That Won’t Extinguish
Woodwork and stones from the original Spori Building are found on the third floor. After the original building burned down in 2000 during demolition, many bricks were recovered from the basement. They still have the names and dates that students wrote on them more than 100 years ago.
Did You Know?

The Spori Building houses a 100-year-old student-run newspaper called the Scroll. The newspaper offers students hands-on experience in journalism, photography, graphic design, and sales.
"As a visual communication major, I spend a ton of time in the Spori Building. I love how the faculty are so willing to help me on projects, even though I’m no longer in their classes. It’s a building full of creativity and inspiration."
"I’ve loved being able to go to the Spori Art Gallery and see the many different exhibits. There was one exhibit that had paintings and drawings of birds native to the area, which helped me understand what a beautiful place BYU-Idaho is set in."
Did You Know?

The Spori Building has many classrooms, offices, a movie room, media lab, and broadcasting facilities.
Beautiful spring flower trees in front of the Spori.

Jacob Spori Building Features

  • Accounting Tutor Lab
  • Art Gallery
  • Broadcasting Studio
  • BYU-Idaho Scroll Newspaper Office