Virtual EMS Instructions

Before you can use online scheduling, you must activate your account by following the instructions at

Virtual EMS Login

1. Login at using your BYU-Idaho network ID and password.

Reservation Tab

2. When logged in, your name will appear in the right corner of the gray bar. Click on Reservations to see the dropdown menu for Study/Practice Rooms

Find Location

3. Find space by filling in When and Where fields, the attendance, and then clicking on the Find Space button. (You are restricted to only 2 business days in advance.)

4. Select the room desired for your group by clicking on the green plus sign.

Hint: If no rooms are currently available, switch to the grid view to see what rooms are open in other blocks of time.

Details Tab

5. Fill in the Event Details for your group.

For the Event Name, use your last name and the course name you are studying (e.g. Smith: FDREL-200)

Include your University email address to receive a confirmation and your I-number as the GL/AR Account.

6. Click on the Submit Reservation button.

Your request will be reviewed and a confirmation emailed back to you. Please print out your confirmation and take it with you as prove of your reservation when occupying the room.

If your plans change so you no longer need the room, please cancel your booking by logging back in and find your listing under "View My Requests." This will reopen the space so it is available to others.