EMS and Outlook Integration

Use room scheduling from EMS along with the calendar fuctions on Outlook to save time. Contact the Scheduling Office (496-3120) for the appropriate process.

There are two planning options:

Virtual EMS:


The Virtual EMS access can be used on any computer at scheduling.byui.edu.

Outlook access is only available to PCs and requires an additional installation by following these instructions: www.byui.edu/documents/scheduling-office/InstallingEMSforOutlook.pdf  You need not print the document, just read the text and links.

CAUTION: To avoid breaking the connection between EMS and Outlook, events originating as a Virtual EMS reservation must be edited through the EMS access; events started in Outlook, must be edited through Outlook. See Frequently Asked Question for more details.

If you are authorized to work on a calendar on behalf of another employee

  • have the owner grant you Editor permission and check the "Folder owner" checkbox 
  • be designated as a delegate within Virtual EMS by requesting permission through the Scheduling Office.

Access to rooms is customized. If you have unique needs or questions, please contact the Scheduling Office.