DMBA Wellness Program

About the Program

Who can Participate

We encourage everyone to participate in Living Healthy in order to better their health and improve their quality of life.

However, to receive monetary compensation for your efforts you must be enrolled in the employee medical plan with DMBA (or off branch). Spouses of those who are enrolled also qualify to participate for compensation.

Retirees over 65 do not qualify for compensation.

Health Risk Assessment

The Health Risk Assessment gathers data based on your lifestyle and medical history. This information will help you compare your current behaviors to healthy behaviors and set goals for improving your health.

By completing this assessment, you will be compensated with $70 toward your premium refund. To complete the assessment, you will need the following information:

  • blood pressure
  • blood glucose level
  • complete cholesterol profile
  • triglycerides
  • waist circumference
  • height
  • weight

Wellness Challenges

"I think DMBA has a stellar wellness program with great incentives. $30 for completing each challenge doesn't seem like a big deal, but I love getting paid for something that will ultimately help me in the long run. The challenges have been motivating, and the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after a solid work out is a reward in itself. The money is simply a nice little bonus that can go toward a new pair of running shoes or a fun new piece of exercise equipment." -Gaylynn Bean, Adjunct Faculty

Living Healthy consists of several different wellness challenges, from which you will choose six, to complete throughout the year. Each challenge will last for the duration of two months.

When you complete each challenge with at least 75% effort, and report your completion on the DMBA website, you will be compensated $30 toward your premium refund. By completing all six challenges for the year, you will earn a total of $180.

Report your progress on the DMBA website. 

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Employee Quotes

Tyler McNiven, Production and Media Supervisor

"The program is flexible enough that you won’t get too discouraged if you’re not always 100% on everything. The main goal is to improve your overall health, not so much to check all the boxes on a to-do list.”

Learn About "Fit4Life"

Delaina Scholes, Office Assistant

"It’s not worth it just for the money, but for the good health you will gain out of it. And because we have been doing, my kids want to do it. They have learned from me that they can feel healthier.”

Kelly Burgener, Assoc. Academic VP

"The Wellness Program has been very worthwhile for me and for my wife. I found that the first month I decided to start was the most challenging but after that it became a habit and the emotional and physical lift I feel coming out of the Fitness Center each day has become very enjoyable over time.”