Employee Engagement Council

The Employee Engagement Council

The Employee Engagement Council works under the direction of Human Resources and is responsible for facilitating networking and the exchange of ideas, providing ideas and suggestions for various employee functions on campus, and suggesting ways of enhancing employee satisfaction and work effectiveness.

The Employee Engagement Council will not involve itself with trying to resolve work-related issues pertaining to individual employees. Employees with personal grievances or complaints should seek resolution through appropriate line management channels in accordance with university policy.

Council Charter

The Employee Engagement Council is made up of faculty, staff, and administrators who represent employees across campus.

The council has been charged to:

  • Propose names of employees for exemplary employee awards.
  • Provide suggestions for the annual employee banquet and all employee meetings.
  • Identify ideas for training, professional growth, and development to support job-related needs of employees.
  • Plan an annual university employee conference to promote individual and professional growth.
  • Plan other information and/or training opportunities throughout the year that would be beneficial to employees.
  • Identify concerns about or misunderstandings of university policies and practices that might need revision and/or clarification.
  • Determine its own meeting schedule and ensure meetings are productive and focused on items outlined in this charter.

Council Members

       Nathan Relken (Chair)
       Email: relkenn@byui.edu