What Is Personality Profiling?

  • The means by which this behavior is measured is a questionnaire which asks a person to choose behavior that is most and least like themselves. The results from this questionnaire provide a personality profile of the respondent.
  • The questionnaire is not a test - as there can be no right or wrong answer to psychological type. It is an evaluation of the individual's habitual or typical way of dealing with the world.
  • Profiling provides a snapshot view of the preferred behavior that comes almost unconsciously to most people. This is the behavior that a person is most comfortable with and can sustain for long periods of time.

Profiling in Practice

  • People are complex. The environment and other people can influence behavior change on a regular basis. Behavior has reasons, not causes - and if we understand the reasons why, we become increasingly empowered.
  • It is worth noting that people can be versatile and can change, as the behavior they are comfortable with will almost certainly not be suitable for every situation. People are often asked to "think and act outside the box" - in these situations they need to be confident that they can do this.

People Are Versatile

  • If we normally write with our right hand and injured this hand in an accident, we would be required to learn how to write with the left hand. This would be uncomfortable and slow until we did it often enough for it to become as automatic as using our preferred hand. It is exactly the same with the bi-polar scales (see Carl Jung's works) - we have the ability to use the range, but our preference for one/our way will make us lazy about learning another way until forced into it.

The Benefits of Profiling

  • Human behavior is probabilistic not deterministic. Using the profiles may tell us how people will probably respond to their environment. It will also help with the individual's development, choice of job role, and their best fit within the environment. It provides a starting point or compass to get the best out of a most expensive and valuable resource, i.e. people.
  • One of the greatest benefits in using profiling is surely that of development and team building.

Team Building

  • Personality testing can be used in team building. Most problems arise when there is a lack of understanding of self and others. Self-awareness in most people is very low, which means that we are generally unaware of how we are affecting others.
  • Developing a deeper understanding of self and others can build a more productive team-where people get along and work together more productively.

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