There are five different program options or “Emphases” within the Food Science degree, with each offering a slightly different career focus. All majors, regardless of the chosen “Emphasis,” will take the same Food Science core courses, and obtain the same Food Science degree. “Emphases” differ only in the secondary or specialized course options that are needed to complete the Food Science degree.

 Unless you already have a specific career path in mind, it is recommended that you start off in either the Science or Technology “Emphasis.” There is later opportunity to switch to another “Emphasis” should your career plans change or evolve.  If you have questions, please make a point to discuss these options with your Faculty Mentor.

After 2019 Enrollment

Science Emphasis

This emphasis provides a strong background in math and science for those students pursuing either an entry-level job in the food industry or planning to pursue graduate studies after completion of the undergraduate degree. This program is designed to meet entrance requirements for most graduate programs in Food Science.

Fall/Winter        Winter/Spring        Fall/Spring

Technology Emphasis

This emphasis offers a less rigorous math/science option for students singularly seeking an entry-level job in the food industry. This option does not prevent an individual from pursuing a graduate degree, though some make-up of deficient courses during graduate study might be required depending on the graduate program.

Fall/Winter        Winter/Spring        Fall/Spring

Nutrition/Dietetics Emphasis

This emphasis allows those students with an interest in Dietetics to enroll in the Food Science program, with the possibility of transferring to the Dietetics program at Idaho State University (ISU). After three years at BYU-Idaho, students may apply to the ISU program for year four to complete a Dietetics degree (a 3+1 collaborative program). Alternatively, students may elect to remain at BYU-Idaho for year four to complete Food Science degree requirements, with a strong emphasis in nutrition. It is strongly recommended that students work closely with campus advising to ensure that all needed requirements are met.

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Management Emphasis

This emphasis provides those students that have an interest in managing people or working on the business side of the food industry with course offerings in human resource management, accounting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, sales, etc. It may also serve as a springboard for those desiring to pursue an MBA professional degree after graduation.

Fall/Winter        Winter/Spring        Fall/Spring

Health Science Emphasis

This emphasis provides a Food Science degree path for those students preparing for entrance into post-graduate health science professional programs (e.g., dental, medical school, etc.), offering a secondary Food Science career option should professional school plans change or fail to materialize. It is very important for students to work closely with campus advising to ensure that professional school entrance requirements are met.

Alternatively, this emphasis is an attractive degree option for students exiting medical science majors in pursuit of a Food Science career option, allowing accumulated health science course credits to be captured and applied toward a Food Science degree.

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Prior 2019 Enrollment

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