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Dairy Processing Lab

This facility is focused on student-taught small-scale production of dairy products.
Various machines are used in the process of making ice cream.   Food Science Department  Instructor Steven Winkel.
Dairy Processing Lab
This facility is focused on small-scale production of dairy products, including fluid milk, cultured dairy foods (yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk, etc.), various cheeses, and ice cream/frozen desserts.  The space possesses four mobile, stainless steel tables/workspaces (6' x 4'), which can be configured according to project needs. The facility is wash-down in nature, and is equipped with spray hoses (hot water, foam, sanitizer) for cleaning and sanitation. 

The space is utilized for instructional purposes (Dairy Processing, Food Product Development courses), and can comfortably accommodate up to 12 students. To view more photos of the product development and other facilities click here.

Featured Facilities

2-Stage homogenizer, bench-top batch pasteurizer system (4 gallon) with preheating and cooling tanks, floor-scale batch pasteurizer system (45 gallon) with chill water tank.
Frozen Desserts
Batch ice cream freezer (6 quart), continuous soft serve ice cream freezer (20 quart).
Cheese Making
Cheese vat (50 gallon) with curd knife, Dutch lever cheese press, cheese cutter.
Cold Storage
Commercial Refrigerator (4 door), Walk-in refrigerator, Commercial freezer (4 door).
Packaging Equipment
Vacuum packing machine, manual cup/bottle filler with capper/foil sealer.
Miscellaneous Equipment
High capacity floor scale, bench top scales, 10 gallon milk cans (5), small/large immersion blenders, peristaltic pumps (2), water bath, pH meter.