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Food Science is simply the science of food, involving chemistry, biology/microbiology, nutrition, and engineering principles applied to food.

Hear it from Food Science Professionals and Alumni

Food scientists seek to understand how the quality, safety, sensory (taste, texture, aroma), shelf life, and nutritional characteristics of foods may be influenced and enhanced by composition, chemistry, and processing.

They conduct research and develop new food products, processes, and technologies to advance the production of common foods like breakfast cereals, beverages, dairy products, baked goods, frozen meals, candy, etc. Food scientists work to ensure the quality and safety of food products on grocery store shelves and in restaurants to meet global needs for a diverse and wholesome food supply.
Students in the meat lab learn about how to work with pork.

Get a Taste of Food Science: Take a Class

Learn if food science is right for you! Both courses provide a survey of the field of food science along with an overview of food science career options. Click on the links for additional details.

FS: 120: Intro to Food Science (3 credits—two class meetings and one laboratory per week)

FS: 180: Survey of Food Science (1 credit—one class meeting per week)

Fun Food Science Facts: Test your Knowledge

Test your knowledge of some interesting Food Science Fun Facts. Give it a try!