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The nutrition minor is designed to enhance the employment and success of students planning on pursuing jobs that require a basic background in nutrition.

Nutrition Minor

Graduate "Timmy" Chun Wai Lai

BYU-Idaho offers a minor in nutrition which is a strong companion to degrees with an emphasis in promoting wellness. Some degrees offered at BYU-I that a student should consider accompanying with a nutrition minor are:

  • Public Health
  • Exercise Science
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Food Science
  • Health Psychology

Students in other disciplines such as communications or business might see themselves benefiting from a nutrition minor if they are targeting certain career paths in that field. Others might include a minor in nutrition into their graduation plan because of its universal importance to quality of life.

Employment in the field of nutrition is centered on becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). That credential is not offered at BYU-Idaho, possible routes to become a dietitian for BYU-Idaho students are outlined under the section titled "Steps to Becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist".

Completing a minor in nutrition would not qualify a person for a job focusing on nutrition counseling. To complete a minor in nutrition there are 11 credits of core courses that are required, and 8 elective credits. The elective courses are broad enough to allow a student to emphasize a particularly area of nutrition. For example, a student would have the option to choose courses that emphasize human physiology or courses that emphasize food chemistry or food preparation.

Find out more about a minor in nutrition in the University Catalog below.

Nutrition Minor Courses