There are many diverse job possibilities to match individual interests. Food scientists are employed in food companies, universities, and government agencies.

Food Product Development: Collaborate with a team to create new or improve existing food products with respect to novelty, quality, safety, affordability, and/or nutritional content.

Quality Assurance/Food Safety: Monitor and ensure the quality and safety of food products for consumer markets utilizing scientific methods and techniques.

Sensory Science: Apply principles of sensory evaluation (taste testing) to characterize food attributes (aroma, taste, texture) and test food products for consumer appeal.

Food Processing/Engineering: Oversee/manage daily plant operations; improve and design efficient, sustainable food processes and packaging operations; scale up new processes/products for large-scale plant production.

Research: Conduct research in a university, government, or industry setting to develop new technologies, ingredients, or processes that enhance the quality, safety, and nutrition of foods.

Regulatory: Work within a government agency (e.g., FDA, USDA) to ensure safe and adequate processing of food products and to help establish public policy that improves food safety and quality.

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