DMBA is pleased to offer a new hearing aid discount program through TruHearing! Beginning January 1, 2016, Deseret Mutual participants will have access to TruHearing's special pricing and worry-free, personalized purchase process.

How Does the TruHearing Program Work?

1. First, call TruHearing at 844-207-1682. A TruHearing Customer Care Advocate will answer your questions and schedule an appointment for you with a TruHearing contracted provider in your area.

* Because this is a special offer for Deseret Mutual participants, all appointments must be made through TruHearing.

2. The provider will perform a comprehensive hearing exam. He or she will collect your co-payment and bill Deseret Mutual for the exam.

3. After the exam, the provider will recommend appropriate hearing aids from the list of TruHearing products and order them for you. You will pay TruHearing for the hearing aids.

4. Your hearing aids will be shipped to the provider's office. You'll have a follow-up appointment so the provider can fit and program your hearing aids and train you on their use and care.

What Kinds of Savings Can You Expect?

Sample ProductsRetail PriceTruHearing PriceYou Save
Starkey 3 Series 90 $1,160 $895 $265
Phonak Audeo Q70 $2,500 $1,550 $950
Widex Dream 440 $3,210 $1,995 $1,215