Disability Insurance Benefits

For Staff & Administrative Employees

Non-faculty employees are expected to exhaust all available vacation and sick time until the 45 day period ends and disability begins. Once disability begins, employees can use any additional sick or vacation time to receive compensation for the additional 1/3 of income not covered by disability.

For Faculty

If the faculty member has five or more years of service, BYU-Idaho will supplement disability pay by approximately 1/3 of the salary based on years of service up to a maximum of 12 months to allow the faculty member to stay at full salary for a short period of time. Once the faculty is released to return to part- or full-time work, disability pay and supplemental pay will be adjusted or terminated.

BYU-Idaho will supplement disability insurance pay from DMBA as follows:

Years of ServiceMonths of Pay
Less than 5 0
5 1
6 or 7 2
8 or 9 3
10 or 11 4
12 or 13 5
14 or 15 6
16 or 17 7
18 or 19 8
20 or 21 9
22 or 23 10
24 or 25 11
Over 25 12


When an employee becomes ill and unable to fulfill his or her assignments, he or she should apply for disability insurance benefits. To be eligible for disability benefits, the employee must be unable to perform at least 70% of the regular job duties for more than 45 calendar days because of sickness or injury based on medical information.

Disability benefits begin 45 calendar days from the last day of work. Application for benefits should be made as soon as it is known that an illness or injury will require more than two months off work and at least two weeks prior to the end of the 45-day waiting period. Disability pay covers approximately two-thirds of the salary. Full insurance premiums are paid by BYU-Idaho during the disability period. DMBA DISABILITY FAQ