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Employment Opportunities & Resources

How do I apply for a faculty, staff or administrative job at BYU-Idaho?

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Hiring Employees

How do I post a job and hire an employee? What are the rules and guidelines for hiring employees at BYU-Idaho? What steps do I need to take to fill a position in my department?

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New Employees

I received a job offer, where do I go and who do I speak with to start my new employee paperwork? What is privacy training, and how do I access it?

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Ending Employment

I am going to be ending employment soon, how do I check out through the exit process? An employee of mine unexpectedly quit, what do I need to do and who do I contact to fill the position?

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Helpful Information

What is BYU-Idaho’s Dress and Honor Code? I am coming to BYU-Idaho for an interview, is there a map of campus I can access to find my way around the university? Where can I learn more about Rexburg before I come to visit the campus?

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