About Us



Kevin Price Director (208) 496-1705 priceke@byui.edu

HR Generalist

Jenifer Craner Generalist (208) 496-1708 cranerj@byui.edu

Employee Benefits

Brian Tuttle Benefits
(208) 496-1711 tuttleb@byui.edu


Sam Eidam
(208) 496-1713 eidams@byui.edu

Employee Relations

Jeremiah Cochran Employee Relations (208) 496-1707 cochranj@byui.edu


Beth Baldwin Faculty Employment
(208) 496-1706 baldwinb@byui.edu
Mari Ann Birch Faculty Employment (208) 496-1140 birchm@byui.edu
Porter Young Admin/Staff Employment (208) 496-1710 youngp@byui.edu
Zach Hoskin Student Employment (208) 496-1717  hoskinz@byui.edu
TJ Ashment Workday Specialist (208) 496-1714 ashmentt@byui.edu

Training and Development

Patrick Powell Training (208) 496-1709 powellp@byui.edu

Services Offered:


  • Preliminary interviews of job applicants
  • Training and coaching on "interviewing" and "hiring"
  • Hiring of temporary employees
  • Hiring of student employees
  • Employee relations


  • Benefits counseling
  • Retirement counseling and enrollment
  • Employee service awards, banquets, and gifts
  • Professional development assistance for administrative and staff employees
  • Tuition wavers for campus employees and their families
  • Moving coordination and reimbursement


  • Job description writing, revising, evaluation, and pay rates
  • Compensation analysis, reports, and annual increases

Training and Development

  • New Employee Orientation
  • Training for managers and supervisors
  • "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" training
  • Employee training on human relations, conflict resolution, effective teams, etc.