Department of Animal and Food Science

If you're interested in the science or business of animal management, our animal science majors might be a good fit for you. And, if you want to use science to solve real-world problems there's our food science major, which integrates microbiology, chemistry, engineering, and nutrition around the study of food.

Why Major in Animal & Food Sciences?
You may be interested in this major if you:

  • Would like a career in research relating to and/or using animals.
  • Are preparing for graduate or veterinary school.
  • Would like to manage a farm or business related to animal agriculture.
  • Like to work with people in addition to animals and may be interested in a career in technical sales or service, cooperative extension, or the promotions industry.
  • Want to feed the people of the world.
  • Want to develop new food products
  • Want to implement efficient food processes
  • Want to educate the public on food safety

The Department of Animal and Food Science prepares students to understand and contribute to key requirements of human existence: domesticated animal production and human nutrition. Three conditions in the world create a critical need for study in these related fields: an increasing world population, a decreasing amount of agricultural lands and a need to improve human health and nutrition. These realities present a great variety of opportunities for well-trained workers to serve mankind.

Majors are focused on the scientific understanding of animal care and husbandry, production of food animals, and the preservation, processing , and presentation of that food. Learning occurs in these areas of study through close interaction between faculty and student, numerous opportunities for hand-on learning experiences, and related work experiences or internships.

  • The close relationship between teachers and students creates a learning atmosphere that encourages the development of the finest students.
  • Students receive excellent training from case studies and practical "hands on" experience provided by work on the University farm, University Laboratories, Livestock Center, internships, and practicum experience. Facilities include classrooms, laboratories, University farm and livestock facilities used for faculty and student research.

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