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Cover Letters

Learn how a well-written, formal cover letter can help you introduce yourself to an employer in a powerful way.

Writing to Employers

Cover letters, email, and LinkedIn messages are important tools in presenting yourself professionally to an employer. Make all your correspondence with potential employers professional and respectful, emphasizing the skills and passion you have for a job.

Cover Letters
Though an increasing number of employers do not use formal cover letters, many still see cover letters as a powerful way for you to introduce yourself, demonstrate written communication skills, and convince potential employers to read your resume. There are different formats and alterations to use when writing cover letters. The general guidelines and resources available will help you in most situations. Always remember to tailor each cover letter to the needs of your specific audience.

Before you submit a cover letter, ask a few trusted individuals to review it to help find any errors.

Email and LinkedIn Messages
Email and social media platforms like LinkedIn are powerful tools to reach out to recruiters, employers, and other professionals. The use of these tools is becoming more frequent, so it is crucial to learn appropriate etiquette when you use them. Review samples for ways you can put your best foot forward in all employer interactions.

Before you submit an email or LinkedIn message to employers, ask a few trusted individuals to review it to help find any errors.