COVID-19 Stay at Home Activities


Workout Challenge

March 30–April 4

  • 500 stairs
  • 5-mile walk/run
  • 70 pushups
  • 70 tricep dips
  • 70 burpee push-ups
  • Attend 1 of our live workouts

Tag us on Instagram when Completed! 
Prize: Ninja Blender for 1 st to complete

Live Workouts

10 am Zumba
(Zoom ID: 588-278-3017)
9 pm Yoga

7 pm High Fitness
(Zoom ID: 702-918-958)
8 pm Yoga

7 pm Zumba
(Zoom ID: 588-278-3017)
8 pm Yoga

7 pm High Fitness
(Zoom ID: 702-918-958)
8 pm Yoga

Zoom Live Workouts

High Fitness

Tuesday 7 pm

Thursday 7 pm 

Zoom ID: 702-918-958


Monday 10 am

Wednesday 7 pm

Zoom ID: 588-278-3017

two guys playing basketball


Trickshot Challenge

Students and faculty are invited to post a video of themselves, family members, or roommates doing any type of trick shot from any sport to their social media account and tag BYUI Sports’ Facebook or Instagram. Tagged videos will be posted on the Sports’ social media sites. Two winning videos will be chosen each week through Spring semester.

Sports participation

Students and faculty are invited to post videos of how they’ve recreated and participated in sports during social distancing to their social media account and tag BYUI Sports’ Facebook or Instagram. Everyone who posts a video and tags BYUI Sports each week will be entered into a drawing. There will be two drawings each week from now until the social distancing guidelines are lifted. 

Sports Trivia

Participate in the weekly Sports Trivia challenge. Questions will include sports movie trivia, you make the call (charge or a block), BYU-Idaho sports questions, and more. Submit your weekly score for a chance to win a prize. The two participants with the highest scores each week will receive a prize. If there are more than two participants with the same score, the winners will be drawn randomly from the pool of top scores.


Slacklining in the back yard: 

Learning outdoor climbing skills:   

Outdoor Cooking: 

Foraging for Wild Food in Idaho: 


DIY Projects: 

Survival Skills: 

Knot Tying:  

5 Basic Bushcraft Projects

Spoon Carving

Friction Fires

How to tune up your bike

Sonic Glider Launcher

Sonic Paper Rocket Launcher

How to Crochet a Beanie

Things to do once the stay at home is lifted:,+Idaho&s=1&d=100 

two girls hanging in hammocks one above the other