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Reading Center

Think of the Reading Center’s tutors as personal trainers, GPA coaches for students’ grades and academics! We help students learn how to learn.

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Remember More Study Less

Students read, get help and learn at the reading center.

Remember More Study Less

Study Strategies
Time management
Organization, Ongoing review
Test-taking strategies
Comprehension Skills: Vocabulary
Context clues
Dictionary skills
Roots and affixes
Comprehension Skills: Reading
Main idea/claims
Supporting details/evidence
Purpose, audience, tone, and bias
Rhetorical patterns
Logical fallacies
Figurative language

Reading Course

The Reading Center offers a two credit course for students interested in improving their learning habits.
English/GS 102R
(0.5 to 2 variable credits)

Improve your study habits with flexibility. With no set class times, you meet with a Reading Center tutor 1-2 times a week to complete a series of performance and academic goals. Tutoring sessions are organized for your needs. You can repeat this class up to 6 credits.

Request a Tutor in the Reading Center

Talk to an administrator in the Reading Center in the McKay Library (Room 290) or complete an online tutor request form.

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Reading Center