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Major and Career Guide

Connect your identity and purpose to the world of work.

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Knowing Your Purpose Guides Your Major and Career Decisions

BYU-Idaho encourages students to strive for future success and build lives grounded in purpose and meaning. Major and career decisions are best made with both information and inspiration. Knowing who you are and the options available to you can guide you to the best career path.

Living with Purpose

A hopeful future is best achieved when you understand the "why" or "purpose" of your life.
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Self-discovery: Learn about Yourself

Your life purpose or “why” starts with knowing who you are. Learning how to connect your divine identity with your talents, interests, and values is an effective way to find direction and meaning in your life and career. BYU-Idaho offers tools to help you explore your strengths and talents and discover your unique purpose in a career.

Learn More About Yourself

Take an assessment to discover how your interests, personality, and values match with a major or career.

More About Assessments

I had to discover my gifts and talents for myself. Once I did, I started to have more confidence in all areas of my life.
Daniel, a BYU-Idaho Student

Majors: Design Your Education

Your major is an important part of preparing for a career. Each major is an educational program with opportunities to learn and develop skills you’ll need in a future career and service to others. Some majors lead to specific careers and others open you to many career options. Exploring possible majors is exciting and rewarding. BYU-Idaho has tools to help you find a major where you can thrive.

A teacher shows a student how to operate a microscope in a BYU-Idaho science class.

Begin Learning about Majors

Tips, resources, and guidance to pick a major that’s right for you.

Choose a Major

Explore Majors

With over 90 majors to choose from, there’s a major that’s right for you. Preview a list of majors to learn about available options.

Search BYU-Idaho Majors

Change Your Major

You can change your major with I-Plan. Let us help you pursue a major that’s right for your goals.

Change your Major

Careers: Discover and Dream About the Possibilities

Explore and choose a career that can match your personal strengths and meet a real need in the world. A dream career can be just as unique as you!

A female student trims hydroponic tomato branches on the BYU-Idaho campus.

How to Choose a Career

Tips, guidance, and resources for choosing a career.

Career Discovery

Explore Careers

Explore potential careers based on skills, salaries, assessments, and more.

Career Exploration Tool

Prepare for a Career

Make informed decisions about your future. I-Plan offers resources to track your academic and career goals, prepare for graduate school, or check out careers, salaries, and industry growth.

View Professional Development in I-Plan
There are way more career choices than I could have ever imagined. Learning how to find options that fit me was exciting and empowering.
Aubrey, a BYU-Idaho Student

Plan Classes with I-Plan

Planning classes and staying on course for graduation has never been easier. Learn how I-Plan can help you plan classes, graduate on time, and prepare for your future career.

A female student smiles while she plans classes in I-Plan on her laptop.
Benefits of Class Planning
Learn how to plan classes and make the best use of your time in school.

Learn About Class Planning
Chart Your Education with I-Plan
I-Plan is a key tool to help you plan classes and chart a course to graduation.

Learn More About I-Plan
Understand Graduation Requirements
Find out how I-Plan can help you learn which requirements are needed for graduation.

Academic Requirements

Get Help

Whether you’ve just graduated high school, returned to college, need to explore options, or take the next step to a career, BYU-Idaho will help you each step in your journey. Career counselors, academic advisors, and major exploration programs are available to help you succeed in college.

Academic advisor Clint Payne helps a female student with class planning in the BYU-Idaho Career and Academic Advising Office.

Career Counselors

Career counselors help you connect your purpose with a career. They will guide you in self-discovery, identify options for you to explore, and offer counsel for your career path decisions.

Schedule an Appointment

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors are ready to assist you with class planning and answer questions about your major. They will also help you explore your career goals.

Schedule an Appointment

Freshman Focus

Freshman Focus is a two-semester program for new freshmen that allows you to explore possible majors and careers. This is a great way to find a major that’s right for you.

Learn About Freshman Focus