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Performances at BYU-Idaho

BYU-Idaho offers a variety of world-class music, dance, and theatre performances all year long. Come watch masterful music selections and plays that will leave you inspired. Learn how you can be a part of the on-stage magic.

Come experience drama, humor, and more with talented student thespians.
BYU-Idaho’s world-renowned musical groups have delighted audiences for years. Come get inspired!
With major events like Extravadance and other on-campus performances, you can watch captivating stories through dance.
World-class performers visit BYU-Idaho for concerts and special events.

Take a Break with the Arts

A BYU-Idaho student standing on a blue lit stage, holding a guitar an singing into a microphone.

Take a Break with the Arts

Wholesome Entertainment
Gather with roommates or impress a date with dignified and fun cultural experiences.
Reduce Stress
Add culture, fun, and spirituality to your life that will improve your mental vitality and academic performance.
Boost Creativity
Attending performances helps stimulate your mind and allows you to think more creatively.