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Heber J. Grant Mentor Program
Get paired with a peer mentor who shares a similar background, major, or interests. Peer Mentors seek to lift, serve, and befriend all.


This program has brought me to the best people and provided a way to become my best self. I believe that being self-reliant is not about doing everything on your own, but recognizing your own abilities and being able to use the resources around you. I love this program because it has helped shape my character, not only what I do or who I think I can become. I loved being a mentor for Heber J Grant!

- Megan B.

Being a mentee has changed my life at BYU-I. I have had so many great experiences here by having a mentor that I can rely on when I have questions and concerns. We had fun together and she definitely was a great life coach in my life, helping me with my personal goals. We worked as a team just so I could succeed in my college life. I have learned how to be self-reliant and now I can serve someone else too.

- Rebeca S.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Heber J. Grant mentor program is an opportunity for students to meet regularly, one-on-one, with a peer mentor. Their mentor will act as:
  1. A life coach that assists students in setting and achieving goals to succeed in college and beyond 
  2. A guide to campus resources
  3. A friend
Heber J. Grant Mentors are volunteers and current BYU-Idaho students who come from similar backgrounds to those they mentor. Many have overcome significant challenges in their lives to be successful in college. Some of these mentors were formerly mentees in the program and are now giving back.
Program Coordinators look at the backgrounds and strengths of each of our mentors and compare them with your background and needs. Then, prayerfully, they select the mentor that they feel would best fit your goals and help you succeed.
Mentors generally reach out to their mentees 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the semester to help answer any questions and will set up a time to meet with their mentees in person during the first week of school.
Mentees meet with their mentors at least once a week during the semester. Additional communication through phone, text, email, etc. will take place in between meetings.
With your mentor, you will periodically set specific goals to work towards and your mentor will help you monitor, review, adjust, and set new goals as necessary. In addition to your goals, your mentor is there to help assist you in any questions, needs, and concerns you might have. Mentors are also encouraged to take time to have with fun with their mentees and build friendships.
Mentors focus on helping you improve your spiritual, academic, social, emotional and financial well-being. Their goal is to help you become self-reliant in these areas by setting and achieving goals and connecting you to the extensive resources available on campus.
Your mentor will assist you throughout the entire semester. Mentees are welcome to participate in the program for additional semesters as desired.