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Succeed with a Peer Mentor
Peer mentors are prepared to help you navigate your way through college.

What is a Peer Mentor?

Peer mentors are BYU-Idaho students who know the struggles of college and understand your situation best. A peer mentor is:

  • An experienced guide 
  • A friend when you need one 
  • An ally to aid you with campus resources 

A Key to Success

Peer mentors are knowledgeable in all aspects of BYU-Idaho’s campus and are ready to help you through your academic journey. With the help of a mentor, you can thrive, grow, and realize your potential. Your peer mentor will help you:

  • Achieve goals 
  • Navigate academic challenges 
  • Provide insights for success 
A male peer mentor smiles while greeting several other male BYU-Idaho students.
Make Friends
Connect with like-minded peers for support and encouragement throughout your time at BYU-Idaho. You peer mentors are more than campus guides—they are your friends.
Two peer mentors gather with a group of BYU-Idaho students outside the McKay Library.
Achieve Goals
Peer mentors are prepared to help you succeed in and out of the classroom. From financial planning to academic success, find out how a peer mentor can help you!
A female peer mentor smiles while reviewing some campus resources with another female BYU-Idaho student.
Learn Life Skills
Master valuable life skills with help from someone who has been in your shoes. Learn how to set and achieve goals, develop financial wellness, manage your time, and much more.
Connect with a Peer Mentor
October 12, 2023 02:10 PM
Help guide and befriend other students on their academic journeys at BYU-Idaho.