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Your interests, abilities, and values provide clues to possible major options and career paths. An assessment can help you discover more about yourself.

Self-Discovery Requires Reflection

Knowing yourself better in certain areas can help guide you as you explore your options.
BYU-Idaho Student, Cari Dalton, sitting under a tree, studying.

Self-Discovery Requires Reflection

Knowing yourself better in certain areas can help guide you as you explore your options.
Know Your Interests
– What hobbies and activities do you enjoy?
– What kind of classes you like?
Recognize Your Abilities
– What are you talents?
– What comes naturally to you?
Remember Your Values
– What kind of contribution do you want to make to society?
– What does meaningful work look like to you?

Assessment Options

Find out more about yourself by taking an assessment.
TypeFocus Assessment
TypeFocus is an assessment that measures your interests, skills, personality, and work values. After completing sections 1 and 2, you can explore your options for careers and BYU-Idaho majors. See TypeFocus Instructions.

Cost: Free for BYU-Idaho Students

Go to TypeFocus
Values in Action
Values in Action (VIA) is an assessment that helps you identify your top five signature strengths. Knowing your strengths can help you make the best major and career decisions.

Cost: Free for BYU-Idaho Students

Go to Values in Action
World of Work Inventory
World of Work Inventory (WOWI) is a science-based assessment that blends three career-related dimensions.

-Ideas about career areas that match your interests
-What your natural strengths are and how you use them
-The way you like to work

Cost: Free (see below for details)

Meet with Career Counselor to Take WOWI

To take the WOWI assessment, you must meet with a Career Counselor in the Career and Academic Advising Office to sign up and review your results.

Assessment Myths

Myth #1
Assessments will tell you exactly what career or major to choose.

There are all personality types and interests in every career field. Assessments will not give you a definitive answer for a major or career, but allow you to learn more about yourself, so you can make the best choice.
Myth #2
Assessments limit your choices.

Assessments can help you find a starting point to explore options. Your assessment results do not put you in a box or tell you what you should and should not do.
Myth #3
Assessments are not valid or reliable.

Most assessments have years of research and study behind them. If you take the opportunity to answer questions honestly, you are likely to get valid and reliable results.

Get Help

Meet with an advisor who can assist with your specific interests and needs.
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