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The Department of Academic Success and Tutoring strives to help all BYU-Idaho students learn how to learn by strengthening academic content and developing soft skills necessary to achieve success in college, careers, and life.

Academic Success and Tutoring Services

The Tutoring Center offers free one-on-one and group tutoring for most knowledge-based content courses.
The Math Study Center offers a drop-in tutoring lab, one-on-one tutoring, and online tutoring for most math courses.
The Reading Center improves vocabulary and phonetic skills, reading fluency, textbook comprehension, and advanced reading efficiency.
Volunteer Connection offers multiple locations across campus where students can get help in science and language courses.
The Writing Center provides a relaxed environment for students to meet with peer writing tutors who provide objective feedback and support.
The Presentation Practice Center helps students develop, practice, and polish their presentations for any project.
The Study Skills Center helps students who want to improve study techniques and/or develop better study habits.

Self Help Resources

Get additional help with your class with these course-specfic tutoring videos.
Enjoy mini-lessons about various elements of writing and how to improve your own writing.
Use these videos to boost your study skills and achieve greater things in your academic and professional aspirations!
Focus on specific areas you want to improve in or focus on the whole study process.

About Academic Success and Tutoring

Every year at BYU-Idaho, the Academic Success and Tutoring Department serves over 15,000 different students from all parts of the university's campus. These students spend an average of 12 hours per semester with individual tutors.

The academic centers are designed to supplement classroom instruction and help students practice, sharpen, and master essential college skills. Students who come to the centers begin to understand the difference one-on-one and group tutoring can make in their academic lives through their close contact with peer tutors. This one-on-one teaching and learning experience is part of the core of the "Spirit of Ricks."

Tutoring is free for BYU-Idaho students. The tutors and assistants in each of the learning centers (Reading, Writing, Math, Tutoring, Presentation Practice, and Study Skills) are trained and paid by BYU-Idaho. Because of this, all students have equal access and can be confident they will receive qualified, professional help in a relaxed atmosphere.

Every semester, over 800 tutors are employed. In addition to the paid tutors, over 800 qualified students volunteer their services as tutors.

Tutoring is a great way to serve others while improving your own knowledge. Paid and volunteer positions are available to qualified candidates.
Taking courses in this program can help first-year students find confidence in their academic abilities.
Meet the team of faculty, administrators, and staff who oversee the Academic Success and Tutoring Department.
Please refer students who could use academic support or tutoring in any of the following areas: academic study buddy, course-specific content, math, writing, reading, English language learning, presentations (speeches), and/or study skills.