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How can I apply for credit for my internship? Do I approve my internship with the university before or after I've applied for the position? What paperwork is involved?

  • The university won't authorize you to add the internship class, COMM. 498R, until you've been formally offered the job by the organization you're interning with. Of course, many students want to ensure they'll receive credit prior to applying for a job. If that's the case, please check the job description against the Requirements section for guidance.
  • To begin the process of applying for credit, complete the university's internship application form. (If you need help with the form, please contact the Internship Office at 208.496.9827 or Please be thorough and accurate in filling out the details; this will save you from having to revisit the form later.

    1. Determine if you will apply for 1 or 2 credits.
    2. Complete Approval form on Career Navigator
      •  Log on to Career Navigator with your NetID and password. You will be asked to complete a few profile questions if you have never logged in to Career Navigator before.
      • Click on Internships in the Quicklinks menu on the home page.
      • Click Add New
      • Enter necessary information and submit. Be sure to include details that will allow those reviewing your application to know that your internship meets with Communication Department and University requirements.
    3. Your internship-approval form will then be sent to Brother Joel Judkins for review and approval.

  • If you encounter technical problems or errors while using the system, please report them to the Help Desk at 208-496-1411  or
  • Employees in the university internship office and Brother Judkins will each in succession review the application. If any of the parties have questions or need clarification, they will contact you directly. Otherwise, please wait for an email from the Academic Advising notifying you that you can add COMM. 498R. If you are on-track, you may add the course directly; if you are off-track, Student Records and Registration may have to add it for you.
    Depending on whether or not your employer has hosted BYU-Idaho interns before, the Academic Advising may contact you about having your employer create a "master agreement," a contract made by the employer, the student and BYU-Idaho. It is your responsibility to ensure this happens quickly.
  • The entire class will be conducted through I-Learn. You'll find a syllabus on I-Learn outlining course policies and procedures. Deadlines on assignments are strictly enforced.
  • If you encounter any changes to your internship—including information relating to start or end dates, schedule or compensation—please report them to both Brother Judkins and the internship office immediately.
  • The approval process can take anywhere from several days to several weeks, depending on the number of students applying for internships and how quickly you respond to instruction you receive from Brother Judkins and the internship office. Nontraditional internships—including those that are remote, on campus, outside of the United States, or entrepreneurial in nature—may require additional paperwork and approval and therefore, time. Please be patient and considerate of those who are helping approve your internship. Impatience, entitlement and rudeness will not be tolerated and could result in a deduction in your COMM. 498R grade.

Important Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Address Location
Academic Advising: Career Services 208.496.9800 Chapman 101
Academic Advising: Internship Office 208.496.9827

MC 129
Brother Joel Judkins, Communication Department Internship Coordinator 208.496.3708 Spori 245
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