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An internship is the opportunity to apply the communication skills you’ve gained through your university coursework in professional and real-world settings.

All Communication students are required to complete one university-approved internship to graduate.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete additional not-for-credit internships, which can help improve skills, provide valuable learning experiences, and open doors to future employment opportunities.

As part of the approved internship process, students must successfully complete the COMM 498R internship course during their internship.


The COMM 498R internship course helps students stay on track throughout their internship. Students will set personal goals and check-in dates to log their progress and report on what they are learning.

The course also requires the student to complete a self-evaluation, and the person supervising the student in the workplace must also complete a supervisor evaluation of the student’s performance. If either of the evaluations is not submitted, the student will not receive credit for the course or the internship. Also, students who quit or are terminated from their position will not receive credit.

Find out what types of work qualify as an internship and other internship requirements.

If you already have an internship lined up that meets the requirements, learn how to apply for it.

Important Contacts


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Academic Discovery Center: Career Services


MC 200

Academic Discovery Center: Internship Office


MC 200

Susan Walton, Communication Department Internship Coordinator


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