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Entrepreneurial Internships

Entrepreneurial internships are a great way to get hands-on experience for coursework credit. Here are student guidelines to start an entrepreneurial internship.

Student Guidelines for Entrepreneurial Internships

These guidelines must be followed when submitting documents for an entrepreneurial internship exception. All documents should be written in essay format.

The following two items must be submitted before your internship will be approved for registration:

1. Extensive Business Plan

Must provide organizational information, detailed business objectives, goals, and desired outcomes. This includes:

  • Name and location of the business, number of locations/franchises
  • Management team
  • Operational outline, statement of purpose, business overview, marketing plan, etc.
  • Direct and indirect competition, product, pricing, promotion, distribution
  • Overview of finances and financial backing
  • Goals and objectives
  • NOTE: Here is a sample business plan (PDF download)

2. Signed Confirmation letter from LOCAL outside mentor

The mentor must be non-relative, outside of business, no BYUI employees or faculty members, etc.

  • Name, title, and background of the person writing confirmation letter, and connection to you
  • A statement agreeing to oversee you, and ensure that correct principles are being applied in your work experience
  • Mentor’s contact information: address, city/state, phone, and email address
  • Note how often they will be meeting with you (the meetings must be face-to-face and at least every other week (phone meeting or long-distance supervision is not allowed)

These items are part of the internship approval process. They do not take the place of any syllabus, coursework, or assignments given to you by your Internship Faculty Coordinator.