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Senior Projects


The Communication Senior Project, COMM 499, is a course all students in the BYU-Idaho Department of Communication take prior to graduation. A student can complete the project at any time but should first obtain approval from his or her faculty mentor and the COMM 499 instructor and must present the project at the Senior Showcase during the semester enrolled in the course.

The project requires a minimum of 50 hours, must be outlined in a proposal that is signed by both the student and the faculty mentor and should demonstrate communication skills the student acquired and developed at BYU-Idaho.

Students choose their own project topics, generally something they are passionate about and that correlates with their emphasis within the major. In selecting a project, students should seek to demonstrate their marketability to future employers.

During the COMM 499 course, students are required to meet with their faculty mentors at least three times. Students present their projects in a tradeshow-type environment at the semester's Senior Showcase.

Students who are off-track or otherwise away from campus and need to complete their projects remotely can seek permission from the COMM 499 instructor to do so. These students still need to meet with their mentors but may do so virtually via video conference, email or other forms of digital communication. Ideally, they would still return to campus for the Senior Showcase if feasible. If not, other arrangements can be made to present their projects remotely.

For additional information, please view the senior-projects video accessible above.