Public relations is a planned process to influence public opinion. Most organizations seek to persuade and build relationships with various publics to achieve organizational objectives. This emphasis provides opportunities to write, research, and implement persuasive principles and tools of strategic planning for selected clients.

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Start Your Career as a Professional Public Relations Practitioner

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Communication with a Public Relations emphasis prepares students for professional work in in the public relations industry. Students will learn how to anticipate, analyze, and interpret public opinion that can affect the success of business organizations and other entities. In addition to research, students will learn how to influence targeted audiences using persuasive principles and tools to achieve organizational goals. The use of traditional and digital media will be accentuated. Courses in the emphasis are designed to prepare students with excellent writing skills and other communication skill sets necessary for entering the profession.

I was offered a post-graduate internship with a prestigious tech PR firm with big clients such as Qualtrics, Vivint, Smart Homes, Domo, and many others. Faculty mentorship truly helped me navigate the interview process with confidence. Oddly, I felt comfortable in those high stress situations. Thanks for empowering me to accomplish something truly great.

Nathan S.,
BYU-I Graduate

Career Path

Graduates with a degree in Public Relations have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.

Highlighted Career Paths

Almost every organization has a need to promote itself and to communicate what it is doing to various publics. Opportunities are wide-spread. Graduates can choose to work for a public relations/advertising firm or work in-house for a profit, non-profit or government entity. Individuals seeking a challenging career in public relations will find it appealing owing to the variety of tasks and clients. From fund-raising to focus groups, most organizations can benefit from a public relations expert.

Public Relations/Advertising Practitioner

Aid an organization to promote itself and communicate what it’s mission and objectives are to various publics.

For-profit, Non-profit, or Government Entity Public Relations Practitioner

Work with organizations to help with fund-raising, building public awareness about issues, facilitate focus groups in order to understand public perception and opinion, and much more.

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Getting started in this degree

Students will complete 24 credits of major-specific courses which can be found in the course catalog for this degree. To find out if Communication is right for you, take the following classes first:

  • COMM 100 — Introduction to Communication
  • COMM 102 — Public Speaking
  • COMM 111 — Writing for Communication Career

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