Teach students to communicate correctly, clearly, precisely, and persuasively.

In a world where information is more readily available from more sources and rapidly disseminated than ever before, the ability to communicate correctly, clearly, precisely and persuasively has never been more important. Students trained in communication are prepared to work in exciting, wide-ranging, fast-changing, cutting-edge careers.

Become a skilled, knowledgeable, versatile, progressive, and ethical practitioner.

Our department's aim is to better prepare students to become skilled, knowledgeable, versatile, progressive, and ethical practitioners.  We believe all future communication professionals should be able to:

  • Write and speak confidently to a wide range of audiences.
  • Research and analyze scenarios and develop solutions.
  • Get along and work with diverse people in various situations.
  • Serve and lead groups constructively.
  • Produce targeted and effective messages in media, group, and interpersonal settings

Minors Offered

Our department offers the following minors: