Need an internship – but not sure how to get started? This webpage has everything needed to help you find an internship, get it approved, and conduct it.

It not only contains specific departmental guidelines, requirements, and internship course assignments, etc., but also provides links to relevant BYU-Idaho internship resources.

For general university information and resources regarding internships, be sure to explore the  BYU-Idaho Internship site.

To get started with the internship process, just follow the four outlined steps below.

Step 1

Be Familiar With Departmental Internship Guidelines and Policies

Before seeking an internship experience, be sure to take note of all departmental guidelines and policies listed in the link below.

Step 2

Find an Internship

You are ultimately responsible for finding (i.e., identifying, applying/interviewing for, securing) your own internship opportunity. Below are some key resources and ideas to assist you in this process. Plan ahead and begin early!

Step 3

Arrange to Receive Course creidt For Your Internship

Once you have interviewed for and have been offered an Internship position, you will next need to go through the process of arranging to receive course credit for your internship experience.

Step 4

Complete FS 498R Course Requirements During Your Internship:

Once your internship has been approved and you have enrolled in the appropriate number of FS 498R course credits, you will conduct the course assignments described below after you officially begin your internship.

The internship Coordinator will also provide students enrolled in FS 498R with an official course syllabus with these and other relevant details.

Past Internships

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