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Approval of Department Internship Coordinator

Course Description

Internships are specifically designed to provide students with a personalized experience in animal science or an animal science related field. It should enhance and augment the student's classroom studies and experience.


Students will register for AS 398R to complete the internship.


Students complete this experience any time while a student at BYU - Idaho. Many students prefer to complete internships during the last two years of their education, although this is not a requirement. Internships are typically completed during off-track semesters or during the summer session. Internships can be completed during on-track semesters, with students being encouraged to make sure they balance school work and the internship well in order to be successful in each.

It is preferable that internships be handled as a full-time job, spending 40 hours per week for the entire semester. The best internship experiences students have are those where the students are able to be involved with hands-on experience and real-life decision making. Those where students simply stand/sit and watch tend to not be as meaningful or educational
Some internships are paid internships while others are volunteer.

Students should work closely with a mentor in the organization (Experience Provider) for whom they are working.


Before registering for AS 398R, reassure that the following items are in order:

  • Research prospective internship opportunities (280-hour, 7 week minimum requirements).
  • Schedule and meet with the Animal Science Internship Coordinator to gain preliminary approval.
  • Officially secure the internship position.
  • Request internship approval via I-Plan on
  • Internship requirements to complete the internship include completing at least 280 hours during at least a 7 week time period, weekly email updates to the internship coordinator, evaluation/survey from the student about the internship, evaluation/survey from the organization (Experience Provider) about the student, and a 4 - 5 slide PowerPoint presentation describing where the internship was completed, what responsibilities the student had, and interesting things done or learned by the student.


You will register for your internship via I-Plan, the new BYU-Idaho online academic planning tool.

To learn how to register through I-Plan, click the button below and follow the directions. After submitting the internship registration through I-Plan, your form will be sent to the Internship Coordinator for approval. After the approved registration form is processed, you will receive an email from the University Internship office notifying you that you are then approved to register for 1 credit for AS 398R.

NOTE: If you are the first BYU-Idaho intern to work under your Experience Provider, that particular organization MUST complete a one-time, online Master Internship Agreement. This agreement must be signed and on file in the Academic Discovery Center prior to the start of the internship experience.