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What is Student Success Mentoring?

Student Success Mentoring is one-on-one skill-specific mentoring to help you have a successful semester! We provide 22 skill-specific lessons, such as budgeting, dating tips, healthy living, and more, that you can choose from and focus on. And our mentors are here to help and support you along the way.

Available Mentoring Topics

Time Management

Learn to manage and maximize you time by applying principles and
techniques to your daily schedule, and learn strategies to improve memory
and practice them in daily life.

Financial Wellness

Learn to develop the habits for financial wellness, set appropriate goals and help you gain control of your finances.


Learn about how Christ’s Atonement applies to you, likening the scriptures, and rebuilding your testimony.

Personal Growth

Learn life principles through goal setting and planning that will help you build up your self esteem, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and develop grit.


Learn to develop a vision of who you want to become, how to work and communicate with others, and how to motivate and inspire those around you.


Learn to develop habits that will help you build friendships, understand the importance and fundamentals of dating, and build and improve roommate relationships.