This program has brought me to the best people and provided a way to become my best self. I believe that being self-reliant is not about doing everything on your own, but recognizing your own abilities and being able to use the resources around you. I love this program because it has helped shape my character, not only what I do or who I think I can become. I loved being a mentor for Heber J Grant!

- Megan B.

Being a mentee have changed my life at BYU-I. I have had so much great experiences here by having a mentor that I can rely on when I have questions and concerns. We had fun together and she definitely was a great life couch in my life helping me with my personal goals. We worked as a team just so I could succeed in my college life. I have learned how to be self-reliant and now I can serve someone else too.

- Rebeca S.