First Friday

First Friday is an event that happens every semester on the first Friday of the semester to celebrate the completion of the first week of school. It completes the Welcome Week celebration for the beginning of the semester by providing countless activities for students to participate in. The entire I-Center is black lit with inflatables, nerf guns, Escape rooms, and more. There is also a dance in the Hart by LA’s most finest DJ. Tickets are $5 and include a food coupon.


Disciple Leader Conference helps to inspire students to Come closer to Jesus Christ and learn how to rely on Him. There are a variety of workshops offered at the conference, a service fair, dinner, and desert. The Disciple Leader Conference is located in the MC ballrooms and the Taylor building. Tickets are on sale for $5  and $6 at the door.

Acoustic Cafe

Come participate in a night of live music with incredible singers, bands, and more. Click the links below to sign up to audition or get tickets. The event is held on the Crossroads stage. Tickets are $3 and include refreshments.

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Escape Night

Escape Night is an incredible fun event that happens about every other semester where the Manwaring Center is filled with Escape Rooms! There are over 40 escape rooms and countless themes to try. Click to find out how to volunteer and get in for free or learn more about the event!

Talent Show

I-Talent is an awesome opportunity for students to showcase their talents. From musicians to magicians to jugglers to unicyclers to anything you can think of! Come participate by auditioning or attending the show! You won’t want to miss it. The event is held in the Hart Auditorium and tickets are $3.

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Cultural Night

Come participate in a night of incredible acts featuring song and dance from cultures around the world. Any group or individual on campus is invited to audition for the event as well. By attending this event you will be able to ‘See the World in One Night’. The Event is held in the Hart  Auditorium and tickets are $3.

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Come kick off the start of the semester with a night jam packed with games, inflatables, prizes, food, and friends. Participate in countless activities throughout the I-Center Courts, Manwaring Student Center, and Hart! Tickets are $5 and include food vouchers.