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Study Skills Courses

Learn how to Develop Study Skills

Greg Hazard helps new freshman learn how to be better learners in a Study Skills class.

If you need a little more help developing and implementing effective study skills, a Study Skills course could be just what you need.

There are several courses available that are designed to help you develop useful study skills that will help you in your college studies and career.

Most of the courses are 1-credit block classes. It’s recommended that you take the study skills courses at the same time you are taking other courses so you can apply the skills you are learning in your other courses.

For more information about these courses, please visit us in the McKay Library, room 291.

Study Skills Courses Offered

Course Code: GS103L
Credits: 1 (block class)
Course Description:
- You will learn note-taking skills and strategies for increasing the quality of your notes
- You will also learn how to use your notes to improve your memory recall
- Learn how to identify essential points in classroom lectures
- Learn how to make your textbook reading more effective with textbook marking strategies, ways to improve vocabulary, and improving reading speed

Note: This module is NOT well suited to students who are not taking other concurrent courses.
Course Code: GS103M
Credits: 1 (block class)

Course Description:

- You will examine your paradigms and why you think the way you do
- You will learn to question information received to identify fallacies in reasoning
- You will learn fundamental problem-solving skills for life and college
- You will learn test-taking skills, including how to predict possible test questions, strategies for answering multiple-choice, true-false, and essay-type questions
Course Code: GS103K
Credits: 1 (block class)

Course Description:

- You will learn how to realize your goals by using semester, weekly, and daily charts and schedules
- You will learn how to schedule your study time for maximum efficiency
- You will learn strategies for overcoming procrastination
- You will learn to assess your physiological preparation for learning, become more attuned to your learning style preferences, identify personal internal and external distractions, and apply strategies to overcome them
- You will learn how good concentration can enhance your memory and what can be done to retain information
Course Code: GE105
Credits: 2

Course Description:

- You will learn how to master effective study skills
- You will learn how to take charge of your life, increase self-motivation, improve personal self-management, develop interdependence, increase self-awareness, maximize your learning, develop emotional intelligence, and raise your self-esteem
- You will learn to write more effectively and improve your creative and critical thinking skills